miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

To a dead bluebird

To a dead bluebird

It's true that you'll never fly again
And that your nest will wait for you
Some strange days
Before the pious and unavoidable forget

And that in the trees the fruits and insects
Will continue their business as usual
As every boring day
In this boring place

But I'll never forget you
Because I'm the only human
That was your friend
Although you never noticed me

During the last year
You started my days
With your impatient going nowhere
In the very much same way
That I did start those days

Maybe someday
I'll see you flying again
To the always green trees in paradise
And we together shall start unending days
With the happy feeling
Of not going anywhere

To Elia
Li Tao Po
VABM 12/May/2016

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