sábado, 19 de junio de 2010

I love victor bueno

I love victor bueno

I’ve asked myself, quite a lot of times: ¿Why do I write?

Because after seven books, I still haven’t earned a dime, and even can´t afford to print one.

The only thing I´ve obtained, is to be phone treated as homosexual, by an anonymous subnormal, who kept phoning me one month, between late night and early morning, to tell me how bad I do write, what I was trying to write, and why I can´t.

So I’ll use an easy start: ¿Why am I writing this? 

Good, I think it’s a good beginning.

Well that’s easy: Because I love victor bueno, that marvelous poet and writer, who writes things, normal people can´t even imagine, much less freezing them for history on paper.

¿So what’s next?

¿It wouldn’t be great if he could be millionaire?

¿If he spends the rest of his life traveling only on first class?

¿Have he made evil to someone?

¿Do you see my point?

That guy is great, he deserves just the best, everybody must to love him, and buy his books, shirts and gifts.

Ok, after all being clear, ¿What’s next?

Good, next step is to fill his bank accounts enough for him to live without worries about anything and let him write, write and write :-) 

VABM June 19, 2010