jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

City’s carols

City’s carols

A pretty isolated tree
Told me a story
Its thorns biting like teeth
About being too trustful with people
You haven’t even read the CV

A very populated hill
Too far from the sea
Advised me against to talk with people
Even if they don’t bear malice
Against the rest of the human race

Somebody walking a stairs labyrinth
One foggy night
Clouds had vanished the city
Told me that it is really a mistake
Even to say good evening

To someone searching for place to dream
Under the stars and the moon
But outside any ceiling
The contrary of
What is used by common people

And taught me that dry roofs
Are very scarce luxury
When rain is washing
With detailed scrupulosity
The things that makes cities

So please sing with me
This carol of the cities:
Never talk to strangers, if you don’t need to
Be careful with them, as if they would bite you
And ASAP find a roof, to refuge you

But if you fail at it
Don’t worry friend
Maybe we can meet
Under the stars and the moon
Without ceilings and outside roofs

I’m sure you will recognize me
Because my smile invites to talk
But my gun says my words
Those are sharp as a knife
That loves to slice and to slash