jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Greener than lettuce

Greener than lettuce

Compared with the sun
Ocean is like the vapor
From the mouth
On a little rock

We’re small 
As the mold
That makes green
Some rocks

But we can transmit 
Even greener funds
At light’s speed
To the place they belong

We’re also good
Refining uranium salts
Making plastic wood
And dreaming other worlds

So what’s wrong with us, boy?
I don´t see any fault
In being a little difficult
Because history is made of wars

Do you see my point, boy?
Wait for your chance at bat
Keep your eyes on the ball
Opportunity never calls you, twice

If you don’t win 
The biggest lottery price
That doesn’t mean
Lottery ain’t fair

System has its ways
You must not go against them
I’m afraid that poor people
They better surrender instead

So now you can see it all
With sharp exactitude, dude
We’re cooler than the coolest breeze
And greener than lettuce

VABM July 1, 2010