viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

About pets & love

About pets & love

In her well known work about:
The truly and purely random
Distribution of nightly noise
Due to fowls and dogs

Master Zhon wrote:  
There is no such thing
As uninterested love
As there is not a rooster’s
First call at the crack of dawn

You can call it a myth
A white lie
A good intention
And a poet’s invention                                     

Someday love will be forbidden
As a drug
A very dangerous one indeed
Believe me please

And pets
Will be accepted
As the beings that are
Soft, warm, cool & beautiful

Maybe someday we’ll meet again
Together against them:
Except us
The whole world population

We just require
A backwards jump in time
A worm’s hole in space
To be together again

In the dark part
Of the same orange sunset  
Intoxicated with love
Sharing the same vision:

Double and distorted.
Waiting for the night
To show us it’s magic
To enchant us again

                                   VABM January 14, 2011