miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Under the Orion’s belt

Under the Orion’s belt

Another year’s start
With its evaluations and plans
Like a peasant trying to forecast
Floods, wars, crops and Lord´s moods
I’m again below the Orion’s belt

Evaluating my last year’s performance
Begging for money to pay the cards
Trying to figurate what the stars
Will bring to me this year                               
That has just started

May love show its beautiful face
Or maybe death makes me loose the hand
Of another friend or the mine
I don’t believe I do control my destiny
At least not all of its triggers

Because I know
I’m just a peasant
A sand grain below the stars
The flour for the bread
The world’s leaders bake

I’m just a dime in the market
Another civil on the road to glory
And could be a casualty
In another war to bring justice
To this evil world

I’m praying for the people who lead us
Stay busy enough
Traveling and meeting at their nice places
That they have not enough time
To bake bread with my flour                

I’m not asking
They do the work
They are paid for
I’m praying God
No to call their attention

For the rest of the things
I’m in charge
Except maybe for earthquakes
Floods, hurricanes and a long dry
And of course a big stone coming from above

Wishing a happy 2011 to all of us
VABM Wednesday, January 05, 2011