lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

A big Y

A big Y

May be boredom
Have pushed me again
Against my mountain’s wall

Today I’ve seen
God drawing
A perfect Y of fire
While a wildfire was burning
The mountain at my front

I’ve been playing games of imagination
About who can read the whole text
And about the God’s poems

The same God who wastes bird’s nests
And the lives of iguanas and snakes

In my way home
I’ve found an already wounded
Strayed highway dog
But he was scared
Of my love call
And preferred to cross

It was not the first time
I’ve seen death
But I’m afraid
I’ll never go comfortable
Suffering a loss

I’m running short of smoke
So my last butt
Will go to the dry bush
Praying God
Another wildfire will ignite
From my humble actions

VABM Monday, February 01, 2010

On a draft of Master Zhon March 4, 1999

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