domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Sugar cane field

Sugar cane field

During day
Human beings
Do the same hard work
Wasps, ants and bees do

To obtain
The sweetest things
This world can produce
On its humble soil

But by night
I enjoy the privilege
Of to walk alone
On the sugar cane field

Witnessing the crime
The feral cats commit
Every night
With the sacred birds

And with the divine snake
With a hunger argued

This kind of crop
Is a very special one
No roots, fruits, seeds and leafs
Are sold

Just the trunk
Of the plant
Is squeezed out
By machines

And they ooze
The sweetest sap
This planet’s crust
Can produce

And when the rest of the plant
Is eliminated by fire
The rain that falls
Is made of ash

It occurs to me
That somewhere
There must be a moral
A conclusion

So I use to walk alone
Searching for it
Under the stars
On the sugarcane field

Usually drinking rum
That, as everybody knows,
Is made of the sweetest crops
Humans can grow

VABM Saturday, February 13, 2010

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