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I am Echo

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About Echo

I am an artist of leather and stones - sacred animal’s skins and
healing stones to be exact.

I help them rebirth, so people who needs healing or protection
can use my art.

I have been a leather artist for 12 years.
I am a dancer. I love dancing at outdoor parties and raves, but I have never been formally taught.

I don’t have to think. I just dance… to express my feelings.

I dance with element of fire.
I love the sound of fire and how it warms.
Fire speaks and helps me find my center.
I'm now using leather for making my own costumes and fire tools*.
I express myself with everything I do.

I dance with fire.
I am made with water dancing with fire.
I feel balanced and peaceful when I dance.
I dance with drum beat; the heart beat - so I dance with heart.
I use each of my steps for massaging mother earth.
I feel one.
I dance for peace, I am a prayer.

Huichol father name me Tunurimathe prayer”.
I feel that I am still connected with them… forever.

I am Echo.

You may find photos of my work at Please contact me if you are in the US and are interested in my art. If you are in Japan, you may visit Abacha to purchase my creations.

I am Echo.
I dance with fire.
I am made with water
dancing with fire.

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